Broken Garage Door Spring

Broken Garage Door Spring

Broken Garage Door Spring

A lot of the work we do at the Plymouth Garage Door Repair company involves the repair, replacement and calibration of springs. Springs are arguably the most important part of any garage door mechanism and they are also among the most worked, constantly under pressure parts of any garage door. It is also by size and weight, the largest. Springs are of many types and based on the model and make of your door, you can have either one spring or a multiple spring mechanism running your doors.

Types of Garage Door Springs.

Most doors have two sets of springs. Firstly, there will be a torsion spring, it is the one that you can see directly above the door, parallel to the ground. The second type are extension springs. They both have different ways of working. Tosion springs work on a horizontal plane and are wound up, the spring action comes from a force that attempts to unwind the spring. Extension springs work on a vertical plane and the spring action comes from, as it is called, working against the stretch.

When should you call Plymouth Garage Door Repair?

The springs make sure that the movement, the up and down is smooth. You should be able to really feel the springs at work when you open or close the doors. If that does not happen, you have a problem. For the most part, if the springs loose their tension, or if the calibration is off, the doors will begin to malfunction right away. Call us immediately because if you begin to delay the process more and more things are bound to go wrong.

Never attempt to work on springs by yourself. They are sure to cause serious injury. Call us and fix an appointment for a free on site estimate right away. We will fix it for you.


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