Broken Garage Door Cable

Broken Garage Door Cable

Broken Garage Door Cable

At Plymouth Garage Door Repair we specialize in fixing all repairs related to garage doors. Of all the things that can go wrong, the cables are among the first to give up in most cases. Main reason for this is that they are under extreme pressure, all the time, they are stretched out and kept under tension throughout their useful life from the time they were installed and the cables will eventually give way. Here are a few reasons as to why and how they can be fixed.

How a garage door cable works

Cables are used in garage doors as an extension of the springs that keep the door either wound up and hold them open or assist in lifting when the door needs to be opened. Doors normally spend most of their time closed and this means both cable and spring will always be under tension. Springs are solid bars turned into shape, so they are likely to last longer than cables, which are braided wires of steel.

Repairing a broken cable

The internet is filled with many methods and Do-It-Yourself instructional message boards on how it can be done. A lot of them are provide useful tips, but fail to ignore one important fact. Cables cannot be repaired. Once they fray, they have to be replaced, there is no way to service them in a way that will either save you money, or be worth the time and effort that will have to go into it.

Call in the professionals

If you notice your cables are beginning to give up, or if they have broken, do not attempt to fix them. It can cause serious damage if not done right, so call us at Plymouth Garage Door Repair and we will do it the right way.

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